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Consumer Information
bullet Appliance 411 - Information Center for Major Home Appliances
bullet Attorney General New York
bullet Better Business Bureau
bullet Better Business Bureau New York
bullet Catalog Choice
bullet Consumer Information Federal Government
bullet Consumer Product Safety Commission
bullet Consumer Search
bullet Do Not Call Telemarketing Registry
bullet Federal Citizen Information Center
bullet Federal Trade Commission
bullet Medical Billing Advocates of America
bullet Nassau County Office of Consumer Affairs
bullet National Fraud Information Center
bullet New York State Consumer Protection Board
bullet Non-automated Company Contact Information
bullet Occupational Safety and Health Administration
bullet OptOutPrescreen Credit Cards
bullet Recalls.gov
bullet Safe Shopping Online
bullet Underwriters Laboratories
bullet U.S. Food and Drug Administration


bullet American Institute of Philanthropy Top Rated Charities
bullet BBB Wise Giving Alliance
bullet Charity Navigator
bullet IRS Publication 78



Energy Use / Consumption


American Council for an Energy- Efficient Economy

bullet Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy
bullet Energy Department
bullet Energy Information Administration
bullet Fueleconomy.gov
bullet LIPA "Home Energy Audit"

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