How to Get a Jericho Public Library Card

 Who is eligible?
  • Anyone who lives in the Jericho School District
  • Children at least five years of age who live in the Jericho School District
  • Teachers in the Jericho School District
    (The principal must put the request in writing on letterhead)
  • Employees of a business located within the Jericho School District
    (The senior officer in charge of the company will be the cardholder and must put in writing on company letterhead that they will take responsibility for all items, fines and fees on this card)
  • Caretakers who reside with a resident
    (The resident must write a letter requesting a card for their employee stating that they will assume full responsibility for all items, fines and fees on this card)
Identification Requirements
All applicants and re-registering patrons must have the following forms of identification:
1. A photo identification with the current home address, e.g., driver license, leisure pass, etc.
2. A second piece of identification with home address, e.g., utility bill, bank statement, etc.
3. To issue a card to a child starting at age 5, the parent or guardian must have a library card or be eligible to receive a card. Children ages birth to 4 years old are eligible for a Preschool Program Registration Card.
  • All items used for identification MUST reflect the same name and address
  • No credit cards or any other materials without an address are acceptable
  • Handwritten materials or business cards are not acceptable proof
  • Current Jericho School students may show their student identification card
  • If a NY State Driver License is used as identification, it must reflect the Jericho School District address. The registrant must be willing to put the new Jericho address on the back of the license (in ink) and notify the Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days.  As another option the registrant may supply 2 other forms of ID such as a utility bill, bank statement, etc.
  • A post office box will not be acceptable as a home address.   You will have to show 2 forms of proof of residence (deed, lease, tax bill, water bill).  Your new library card will then be mailed to your post office box.
  •  Three books (print format only) may be checked out until the Library card is received in the mail.
"A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people." --Andrew Carnegie