It’s Official! We’ve Migrated to Our New System

We hope you have been able to check out our new and improved catalog!  With these changes to our new management systems/catalog, we are now a standalone library.  Being a standalone library will provide us with the capability of making more informed, detailed decisions to cater to our patrons’ specific needs.  Please note:  You will not be able to pay your fines through ALIS web.  We now have our own system to handle fines, which can be accessed directly through our website, or by clicking here.

Changes to Our Systems


Out-of-District Patrons

We are still a member of the Nassau Library System but with our own server to provide a better service to our community.  In order to accommodate the out-of-district patrons, we created an account for these patrons to keep serving them in the same way that we used to in the past, the same way as several other libraries in Nassau County that have gone to their own system.  This means that you will have two library accounts in Nassau County.  One with the Nassau Library System and one with the Jericho Public Library.  You can access your Jericho account anytime you want by clicking the following URL:  Here, you may renew any renewable items, and check the activity in your account.  Another option, is to download the JPL App (available for all smartphones) for even easier access to your account at the Jericho Public Library.


"A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people." --Andrew Carnegie