JPL eBook Collection

The Jericho Public Library has made it easier for patrons to find the eBooks they are looking for!  Use our “eBook Search” on the top right corner to search for eBooks by titles, authors or keywords.  The results will show you if the title(s) is available on Overdrive or 3M Cloud.


Please note: The Jericho Public Library no longer belongs to the Nassau Digital Doorway.  JPL has purchased our own Overdrive service for JPL Patrons only.
Jericho Residents: If you already have Overdrive App with the Nassau Digital Doorway installed on your portable device, please delete it and then reinstall the Overdrive App and select the “Jericho Public Library, Jericho, NY” to start downloading our new and improved JPL patrons only Overdrive eBook collection.


Click here to visit our eBook page.
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