Loan Rules and Fines

Loan Rules
  • New non-fiction books: 28 days – 1 renewal
  • New fiction books: 14 days – 1 renewal
  • Older non-fiction books: 28 days – 2 renewals
  • Older fiction books: 28 days – 2 renewals
  • Juvenile books/kits: 28 days – 2 renewals
  • Newest magazine issue does not circulate, older magazines: 14 days – 1 renewal
  • Audiobook CDs: 28 days – 1 renewal
  • eReader: 21 days – no renewals
  • Freading (12 tokens/week) eBooks: 14 days
  • Overdrive (5 checkouts/week) eBooks: 21 days, Audiobooks: 21 days
  • 3M (5 checkouts/week)  eBooks: 21 days
  • Hoopla (10 checkouts/month) TV/Movies: 3 days, Music: 14 days, Audiobooks: 21 days
  • New DVDs: 2 days – no renewals
  • Older DVDs: 7 days – 1 renewal
  • Music CDs, old and new: 14 days – 1 renewal
  • Freegal: 7 songs/7 days
  • Video Games: 7 days – no renewals
  • Museum Pass: 3 days – no renewals
  • USB Key Software: 28 days – no renewals
    • Winter and summer loans on older fiction books: 3 months – no renewals
    • For older non-fiction books, check with the Reference Librarians
    • Vacation loans (all year) on older fiction books only: 8 weeks – no renewals
    • For older non-fiction books, check with the Reference Librarians
    • Renewals and reserves may be done in person, by phone or online by the patron through the online catalog
    • Patrons may have a maximum of 50 items checked out at any given time including the media items within our media parameters
    • New patrons applying for a Jericho Library card may take out 3 books (no AV materials) until receipt of their new card
Fines (charged per day as follows):
  • Adult new non-fiction books: $.50
  • Adult new fiction books: $.50
  • Adult older non-fiction books: $.25
  • Adult older fiction books: $.25
  • Juvenile books/kits: $.25
  • Music CDs: $.25
  • Magazines: $.25
  • Audiobook CDs: $.50
  • Video Games/CD-ROMs: $1.00
  • DVDs: $2.00
  • Museum Pass: $10.00
  • eReader: $10.00
  • USB key software: $5.00

Fine is payable upon return of item


How to Pay Fines Online
  1. To pay your library fines click here and enter your Library Card number.
  2. The next page will display the amount you have due in fines.  Choose “Pay Fines/Fees”.
  3. On the next page, choose “Pay From Credit Card”.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to pay, your credit card number, expiration date, hit submit and you’re all set!

You can also set up an “AAM Deposit Account” which allows you to pay any fines you may incur as well as any printing that is done at the library in advance.


How to Pay Fines in Person

The Jericho Public Library accepts cash and checks, we also accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards.


Checking Your Patron Record

You can check your patron record to view what you have out, fines you may owe and items you have on hold as well as the ability to renew items.  You can click here to access your account.  You will find “My Account” at the top right of every page of the JPL website on the navigation bar.

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